Location: River Waal en Merwede (NL)
Status:Map-making through analysis and distinguishing opportunities
Client: Province of Gelderland

In 2017, work was done to recalibrate the preferential flood risk management strategy for the Waal and Merwedes. As a support for this administrative assessment, in addition to the economic CBA, together with various regional parties, the ” own will ” from the area is also shown. Several projects and initiatives along the Waal and Merwede were mapped and inventorised through workshops with stakeholders of the region. Using the methodology of desk analysis and series of workshops, a timeframe of the projects and their influences were understood along with the goals (policy) of several thematic aspects (such as nature, industry, recreation, water safety, spatial quality and housing). The product included a series of maps that gives an overview of different projects in the region . Based on these inventory maps, we then looked together with experts where different wishes, projects and tasks can influence each other in time or space (positive or negative). As an end result, a (co-occurrence) opportunity map has been made with an overview of projects that can reinforce each other.