Location: Scheveningen, The Hague, The Netherlands
Status: A research-by-design study to explore alternative long term flood risk protection measures in relation to opportunities for the redevelopment of the Scheveningen waterfront.
Client: City of The Hague & Atelier Kustkwaliteit, The Netherlands

Defacto was contracted by the City of The Hague and Atelier Kustkwaliteit to facilitate their project ‘De stad aan zee en de toekomst van de verharde zeewering’ (The City at the Seaside and the future of its coastal defences). This ‘research by design’ project explored possibilities for synergy between long-term water-safety requirements and urban development of Scheveningen, a borough of The Hague that is located between the city center and the North Sea. Using three different water-safety strategies as guiding principles – ‘hard zeewaarts’, ‘zacht zeewaarts’ and utilisation of a ‘strekdam’, three long-term urban development models were developed. Water-safety requirements were integrated with requirements regarding spatial quality, vitality and transportation needs in the area.