Project: Inspiration book Temporary Use
Location: Throughout the Netherlands
Status: Inspirational book to support the concept of Temporary Different Usage
Client: Rijkswaterstaat
Cooperation: Rijkswaterstaat, Deltares Innovatienetwerk and CURNET

In the Netherlands, many buildings and sites are temporarily unused for a variety of reasons. For example due to vacancy or because the owner is waiting for a suitable moment to develop it. Also, these areas can be ‘locked’ in terms of planning because the state has reserved them for long term developments, such as a new highway or water storage.

As space is scarce in the Netherlands, it is attractive to make use of these spaces temporarily. Such temporary functions could vary from nature or recreation, to temporary buildings or infrastructure. Either way they can contribute to the surroundings. The spaces which offer the opportunity to do so, however, are not always deployed. Often this is partially caused by a lak of knowledge and experience within the legal, economic and social framework regarding temporary use.

The program ‘Tijdelijk Anders Bestemmen, or TAB, which translates to ‘Temporarily Different Usage’ aims to stimulate the temporary and flexible use of vacant sites. In order to lower the threshold in doing so, Defacto has developed an inspirational book. This publication, describes various inspiring examples and experiences regarding temporary use. Aditionallyspecific legal and economical guides are developed. In addition to these books, a digital platform was launched on which interested parties can share their ideas and experiences.

We aim to make TAB a renown instrument in the spatial development of the Netherlands.