Location: Delft (NL)
Status: Design and realization of an innovative presentation model
Client: Volker-van Zwieteren family / TU Delft
Model&Objekt, RAV Animated visuals
Photos: Defacto Urbanism, Frank Auperlé

Defacto developed an innovative presentation model for the Department of Hydraulic Engineering of the Delft University of Technology which demonstrates the latest innovations in their field. It was commissioned by the Volker-Van Zwieteren family, who donated it to the faculty of civil engineering in commemoration of their son, ir. Thijs van Zwieteren.
The model shows a part of the south-west of The Netherlands, which comprises large cities such as Rotterdam and a good part of the Deltaworks flood protection system. In close cooperation with the department’s sections we developed seven storylines, which explain the development of the water system over time and the state of the art in hydraulic engineering. Present-day themes such as ecology, sustainability and the energy transition are discussed as well.

An innovative combination of presentation techniques is used to get these stories across. Exclusively designed animations fill the 2 meter wide model with the help of a high resolution projector. It shows, for instance, the progression of the flood extent in a polder, or the morphologic dynamics of the Sand engine. These illustrations are presented in confluence with filmed interviews with one of the department’s Professors. Together, the movies, projected illustrations and the physical model itself deliver a new form of presenting complex technical information in an attractive and comprehensible way.

Defacto established the conceptual design, the animations and the technique for the project in close cooperation with the client. The model is now used to inform candidate-students, to support bachelor-level courses, and to deliver presentations to foreign delegations visiting the faculty. As the model uses the latest digital techniques, it’s content is expandable by adding new animations and movies.

Several Dutch companies and institutions donated to contribute to the realization of the model, including the Delfland waterboard, Van Oord, IV-Infra, Rijkswaterstaat, Witteveen+Bos, Deltares, HKV, TU Delft, Fugro and the province of South-Holland.

Visiting Address:
Faculty of Civil Engineering, TU Delft, 3rd floor