Location: The region eastern of Amsterdam (NL)
Status: Research-by-design on the accessability of the region eastern of Amsterdam
Client: Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment
In cooperation with: Rijkswaterstaat, Royal Haskoning-DHV, Ecorys, Goudappel Coffeng, Rienstra Beleidsonderzoek, Paul Gerretsen

The Netherlands has to remain well-accessible. This also accounts for the region east of Amsterdam, which is expected to face several bottlenecks on, and surrounding the A1 highway in the future. In order to address this mobility issue in an integrated manner, the Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment, together with the region, initiated the so-called MIRT Study (Multi-Year Programme Infrastructure, Spatial Planning and Transport). The goal of the MIRT is to address infrastructural projects in their broader spatial and economic context to develop integrated plans with broad public support.

In the analytical phase, the challenges with regards to mobility and the related assignments concerning economy, landscape, nature and water are considered integrally. This is done in collaboration with different local parties. The research aims to result in an adaptive perspective for the region that provides a set of potential measures, which should contribute to a functioning traffic flow on the highways on the East of Amsterdam, and more specific on the A1 highway between the Muiderberg and Eemnes nodes. Additionally, the measures will be assessed on their economic and spatial impact and potential.

In a series of expert sessions and regional workshops, various potential measures are explored through research-by-design. The so-called mobility ladder is deployed as a conceptual framework to include a wide variety of possible measures. The ladder considers the construction of new infrastructure to be a last resort, only to be deployed when unable to address mobility issues spatially, by providing public transport or by influencing travel behavior. Subsequently, effective measures are taken together in different, logical combinations, which together provide a foundation for possible integrated development perspectives.

For more information about this project, please visit the project page (in Dutch only): www.mirtoostkantamsterdam.nl.