Location: Province of South Holland (NL)
Status: Design exploration
Client: Provincial adviser on spatial quality(PARK), Province of South Holland
In cooperation with: Leiden, The Hague, Rotterdam and Dordrecht municipalities

The Landscape Park Zuidvleugel, in addition to the existing landscape structures, introduces a green-blue network, connected to the historic water network of South Holland. The Landscape park with its green-blue network, creates opportunities for a coherent approach towards urbanization, green, health and climate change.

Defacto, in collaboration with the provincial adviser on spatial quality(PARK) and several municipalities, worked on three river showcases for the Landscape park: the Old Rhine river, the Schie-Vliet channel and the Drechtsteden tidal park. Based on spatial analysis and an overview of existing plans and vision, Defacto in a series of workshops redefined the position of the green-blue network in its regional urban context.

The showcases demonstrate how each river has its own character: the Oude Rijn has the potential to become the ‘Parkway of the water city of Leiden’, the Schie as the’ thread for the metropolis’ and the Merwede as the ‘Tidal park between the levees’. This specific character of each green-blue line set the stage for the qualitative ambition, the design principles, the potential projects and the required parties. During the project it became evident that regional coordination is an essential factor in realizing the landscape park, since the desired regional qualitative ambition can only be achieved through cooperation.