Location: Kinderdijk- Alblasserdam, The Netherlands
Status: Exploration future image world heritage – Building block for area perspective Kinderdijk
Client: Province South-Holland, Municipality of Molenland, Municipality of Alblasserdam, Water board Rivierenland

Kinderdijk is a unique place in which UNESCO world heritage, an engineered water management system, maritime top locations, special nature areas and historic living cores come together. The growth of the international tourism is notable in Kinderdijk and puts pressure on the balance between the quality of life and tourism. Measures are necessary to ensure the quality of life of Kinderdijk while making use of spatial-economic opportunities.

Kinderdijk, including the world heritage, is located in the municipalities of Molenland and Alblasserdam. But also other parties are concerned with the heritage site, like the Province of South-Holland, the water board Rivierenland, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE) and the foundation world heritage Kinderdijk. All of them have developed visions, ideas and plans during the past years, sometimes together, sometimes on their own initiative, which all have influence on the heritage. However, a collective perspective for the future is missing, which is why it has been worked on an integral area perspective.

With the use of analyses and work sessions, Defacto developed the future image as one of the building blocks of the area perspective. In the process it has been explored, which future developments are possible on the long term for the world heritage, how visitors move through the area (now and in the future) and what spatial-economic opportunities can be cashed. A good balance between quality of life, accessibility, ecology, potential for recreation, spatial quality, water safety and economic development was central in this exploration.

On the short term, Kinderdijk has to improve its accessibility. That way, the area perspective presents itself as a robust set of measures for the short term. But also a wider thematic range and the longer term have been investigated in this area perspective; matching opportunities (e.g. between area development and dike enforcement) and development directions for the world heritage have been explored for the long term till 2030.