Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Status: Research-by-design study on opportunities for consequence reduction and the development of a toolbox
Client: Municipality of Amsterdam, Waternet
In cooperation with: Royal HaskoningDHV

The Netherlands has an extensive flood risk management system in place which makes it one of the safest Deltas to live and work in. Because of the low probability of flooding, consequence reduction remains an underemphasized aspect in urban development policies.

Commissioned by and in collaboration with the municipality of Amsterdam and Waternet, we are working on a thematic study about consequence reduction for flooding in Amsterdam. Besides translating long-term cornerstones for possible adaptation strategies for accelerated sea level rise (as formulated by Deltares) to this area and exploring what this could mean locally, using Haven-Stad as a case, we are developing a toolbox for consequence reduction. The toolbox is the base for design solutions on different scales, where we use research-by-design to identify area specific opportunities on city-, area- and building level.

As part of this study, maps and a summary of recommendations have been included in the concept of the ‘Ontwerp-Omgevingsvisie Amsterdam 2050’ (Spatial vision for Amsterdam 2050).