Location: Rijnmond Drechsteden
Status: Intergral long term strategy and operational perspectives for flood risk protection and spatial development in the Rijnmond-Drechtsteden region.
Client: Dutch Deltaprogramme Rijnmond-Drechsteden
Collaboration: Deltares, Rebel group, Urbanisten, HKV lijn in water

The Netherlands is a low-lying, flood-prone country. The Dutch Delta Programme is a national government organisation established to develop strategies to protect the land against flooding and to secure freshwater supplies, now and in the future. Defacto contributed to the development of adaptive strategies for various sub-programmes, which focused on regions like the coast, rivers or Rijnmond-Drechtsteden, and thematic sub-programme ‘new urban development and restructuring’.

Typically, our role in these projects would be a combination of organizing stakeholder participation and developing the substance of the strategy formulation process through integral and holistic planning. We organized numerous interactive design workshops to develop and assess strategies and secure ownership with local stakeholders. The content of these strategies would then be further developed in close cooperation with subject matter experts from other fields (eg. civil engineers, economists, ecologists).