Location: Province of South Holland (NL)
Status: Research iconic cultural heritage South Holland
Client: Province of South Holland

Defacto has expanded upon the culture-historical atlas of the province of South-Holland. This atlas now includes iconic heritage sites, which concern a wide selection of unique buildings and locations that symbolize and represent the history of local villages, cities and regions. This is not limited to buildings and locations which are already protected by a monumental status, but it also concerns those (as of yet) unprotected heritage sites that offer special value as icons or symbolize a specific local identity.

The research consisted of expert judgement, as well as a wider assessment by way of a survey in various municipalities, historic societies and local museums. The atlas consists of map layers with different themes, including social housing in architecture, historical landmarks and monumental buildings along historical waterways. Alongside that, thematic story lines have been added which locates the most important built icons of the province in the purview of water, trade & economy, architectural history, military defenses, government, agriculture and urban development.

The different map layers have been summarized in a report and digitized to allow for regular additions. If interested in the digital atlas, have a look at:
http://pzh.b3p.nl/viewer/app/Cultuur_historische_atlas .