Location: Dordrecht, The Netherlands
Status: Design for a park adjacent to an embankment in which ‘Building with Nature’ principles are included as an alternative to traditional dike enforcement.
Client: Dordrecht Municipality, Dutch Delta Programme, Ecoshape

To secure future flood risk protection the levee along the south side of Dordrecht, the ‘Wieldrechtse Zeedijk’ needs to be enforced. This means however that a characteristic row of monumental trees along the levee will have to be removed. Defacto studied whether the levee enforcement could become superfluous when the water levels are lowered through ‘Building with Nature’ measures.

An expert workshop-session was conducted to test the potential of various types of measures varying from roughening the embankment slope to planting wave-reducing vegetation. At this location it is proposed to create a willow forest within the adjacent city park to reduce the wave energy and with that the water levels. Expert judgement indicates that the application of a willow forest can reduce the wave height at this location with 80%, which lowers the urgency to heighten this levee.