Location: Dutch river area
Status: Spatial vision and integral image on the river area
Client: Integraal Riviermanagement (IRM), Deltaprogramma Maas, Deltaprogramma Rijn, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations of Netherlands (BZK)
In cooperation with: WSP en Wageningen University & Research (WUR)

The various functions of the rivers and the associated spatial claims are inventoried and integrated. The study focusses on challenges and transitions for water management, shipping, water availability, ecology, urbanisation, economic development, spatial quality, cultural history, recreation, and tourism to be included in the integral ‘View on the Rivers’ perspective for 2050 with an outlook to 2100.

During the project we focus on identifying opportunities. However, not all ambitions from the various functions are compatible; sometimes strategic (and ultimately administrative) choices must be made when conflicting spatial claims lead to dilemmas. The ‘Image on the Rivers’ will be used as a compass and will within IRM be one of the building blocks for the development of preferred alternatives. We have developed an image of the river which supports and improves the functioning of the river system while enhancing and protecting its core qualities and connecting to local opportunities and ambitions.

The mapping of the many challenges, projects and ambitions is based on desk study and a series of stakeholder workshops. Because of COVID, we have developed a digital the stakeholder process, that facilitated a setting of (digitally) sitting around a map and sketching the stakeholder’s input. During a series of design workshops, we developed a series of maps at different scales (system, river branch and local) that represent various characteristics and qualities of the river system.