Project: Urban garden Centre of Rotterdam
Location: Rotterdam
Garden Design: De Tuinfabriek

In the Netherlands, more and more gardens are paved. This does not only obstruct rain water infiltration, it also leads to less ecological space in the city. Defacto decided to set the example by transforming her back yard, which had been paved by the previous owner, into a green, shaded garden.

The basement and the rain storage well of the office used to be the home to many frogs. In order to offer them a comfortable new home, the old bicycle slope has been made into a sloping pond. The tiles have been removed and on basis of a design by the Tuinfabriek, the garden has been transformed into a green oasis with a wooden plank bridge to sit on. The once bare wall which separates the garden from the street has been transformed into a green wall with an insects hotel.

In selecting the vegetation, the preferences of birds, butterflies and insects have been taken into account. The neighbors, whose garden is also paved, were asked to participateand transform a one meter wide strip of their garden. Currently, also the next door neighbors joined: soon the third garden in the row will be greened.