Project: SEEDS
Location: several case study locations in Europe
Status: case study research and policy recommendations for re-use
In cooperation with: Deltares, University of Sheffield, University of Copenhagen,
Regio Groningen-Assen, Vlaamse Landmaatschappij, Lawaetz Foundation

The SEEDS project (Stimulating Enterprising Environments for Development and Sustainability) aims to promote and actively stimulate the re-use of vacant sites by providing the foundations for policy-making that supports these practices.
An important part of the research were the analyses of case studies throughout Europe, varying from affordable spaces for artists to temporary neighborhood gardens and pop-up restaurants. Together with Deltares, Defacto focused on the aspect of ‘People and Partnerships’. Stakeholders were interviewed in order to gain insight in stakeholder dynamics within different case study projects.

The interviews provided the input for the development of a set of recommendations, lessons and best practices which can be of value for future and present projects. Key elements in succesful projects seemed to be regular, open and constructive communication and the adoption of a central committee chair who is able to keep the group together and enthusiastic. Additionally, the formulation of a stakeholder strategy, including a clear view of the present and interested parties and a keen sense of timing in when to involve them, contribued to the succes of a project.

All findings were published in a series of 8 reports, which were presented during the SEEDS conference in Sheffield, UK.
The report ‘People and Partnerships’ can be downloaded by clicking the botton below.

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