Defacto has been mentioned in the May edition of De Ingenieur. The urban engineering magazine dedicated a feature article on how levees and other forms of flood protection could contribute to recreational waterfront development and enhancement of urban space. Especially in a ‘wet’ country like the Netherlands, living with water and being protected from it is an essential dualism of any water-related urban project.

In this particular article, the author describes the ‘disconnected dam’ design for Alblasserwaard-Vijfheerenlanden by Anne Loes Nillesen to demonstrate how water safety and spatial appeal can be combined in one design and mentions Defacto’s latest publication ‘Delta Interventions‘ as a source of inspiration for other ways of integrating attractive urban design into water safety and vice versa.

The complete article was published in the hardcopy magazine, but a preview of it can also be read online here (in Dutch).