May 2013
A debate was organised to conclude the Atelier Kustkwaliteit. The debate concentrated on the role of interdisciplinary cooperation and research by design in the Delta Programme. Anne Loes Nillesen gave a lecture on research...

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Aug 2012
During her visit to China, Anne Loes Nillesen gave a lecture on land reclammation at the ‘International Symposium on Coastal Tidal Flat resources Development and Safety’ in Nanjing.

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Jun 2012
During the ‘RO café’, a lecture series organised by the municipality of Rotterdam, Anne Loes presented a lecture on how temporary urban functions can contribute to organic city growth.

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Jun 2012
On June 6, 2012, Anne Loes will provide a lecture at the Strelka Institute for Media Architecture and Design in Moskow. This lecture, titled ‘water and public space’ is focused on the usage of...

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Sep 2011
On the 30th of September ‘Atelier Overijssel’ organized a lecture on the theme of temporary urban functions in Deventer’s Theatre. Anne Loes Nillesen delivered a lecture on the matter and provided some inspiring examples...

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May 2009
A series of lectures was given at several high schools. Topic was the turmoil related to flood risk. What exactly is going on? Should we be concerned? What to do when water levels rise?...

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