Project: Damschutte Farm
Location: Laren (Gelderland, the Netherlands)
Type: Design and execution renovation of a former farmhouse
Clients: Dries & Anne
Cooperation first phase: Personal Architecture

Just outside the village centre of Laren one can find the Damschutte farmhouse, once part of the estate Verwolde. The farmhouse and stalls have been transformed into a modern and sustainable home, which sufficient space for guests.

As is typical for this region, the Damschutte is a T-shaped farm with a thatched roof, of which the living compartment is wider than the stalls. The farmer’s house has a so called ‘schilddak’ and the stalls have a ‘wolfdak’.

The design combines typical style elements, which are characteristic for farms in this area, and natural materials with modern design and comfort. In order to provide sufficient daylight in the original dark stable building, a large rooflight is installed. The rooflight cuts the reed roof, lighting up the large living room beneath. During summer, the large stable doors can be opened, allowing the living space on the ground floor to continue into the garden. The garret underneath the roof is made into a spacious, light bedroom with an open bathroom.

The renovation has been executed in phases: in the long run, also the side buildings will be tranformed into guest houses and the chicken coop will be made into an outdoor kitchen.