Project: Breedam Farm
Location: Rijswijk
Type: Landscape design for a historic farmyard 
Client: Peter 
Cooperation: De Tuinfabriek

On the edge of Delft one can find the farmyard of ‘Breedam’. After the renovation of the former farm and stalls, Defacto was asked to invited to make a landscape design of the yard. In doing so, several characteristic historic elements have been taken into account.

The farmsteads in the surroundings typically have narrow lots which are separated from each other by broad ditches. The farm is placed on the front side of the lot. This is where the labor-intensive parts of the farm used to take place, such as the decorative garden and (on the side of the farm) the vegetable garden. The front garden is stepped in order to bridge the height difference between the garden and the adjacent levee alongside which the house is built. Also, we have restored the original  large, solitary trees on the side of the road (as can be seen on the historical image in the slide show).

The ‘back’ of the plot used to be the terrain of the farmer. This part of the yard is more open and of a larger scale. The measure of things here was determined by the wagons and the cattle. This was also the place to find a so-called lumberjack’s bush, which we re-introduced in the garden design. Alongside the plot we have made use of natural, regional boundary partitions (such as ash trees, alders, poplars, willows, elderberries and hawthorn bushes), which block the wind and guarantee privacy. The hardpan has been paved with the original remaining ‘ijsselstones’.

Originally, the backside of the garden continued into the polder. To emphasize this, the bushes which marked the end of the property have been removed, resulting in a wide view from both the garden and the farmhouse itself. The hay stack has been transformed into a comfortable lounge area with a fire place and functions as the heart of the garden.