Location: Anna Paulownastraat, The Hague
Type: renovation and splitting of the residence
Status: completed design project
Surface: ca 360 m2
Client: Ben & Elly
Construction: Rescura B.V.

This stately building constructed in 1893 is located within the neighbourhood of Zeeheldenkwartier in the city of The Hague. Behind the simple facade lies a spacious and bright interior decorated with a wide range of historic elements. To mention few among them are; a richly decorated ornament ceiling and an impressive staircase made in Louis XVI style.

Defacto has made the design for the renovation and rearrangement of the floor plans of this building. This renovation tranformed the huge residence with a surface area of 360 m2 and four stories high into two luxurious and large double storey houses.

One of the challenges for this design was to retain the original staircase of the building while dividing the residence into two houses. An interior design has been made where each house has its own stairway connecting the floors internally. This made it possible to keep the orginal staircase as a collective routing for both the residences.

In both residences the side room has been transformed in an impressive entrance hall with a modern wooden finish wardrobe and restroom. The entrance for the living room is through the double sliding doors. The demolition of the seperating wall resulted in a direct connection between the living room and the kitchen.

The previously dark attic floor has been transformed into a bright storey for the bedrooms by opening up the roof with big windows. From the big sliding door in the master bedroom you have a panoramic view of the city. A lot of effort has been put into the interior design of the kitchens and bathrooms including modern built-in furniture. Custom made wardrobes and bathroom cabinets in the bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor are particularly crafted for this renovation.