Location: Beverwijk, Stelling van Amsterdam
Status: Study after the possibilities of sustainable energy supply in a monument
Partners: BMO Solar

The Fortress of Aagtendijk is part of the so-called ‘Stelling of Amsterdam’. Currently, the fortress is not suited for daily use due to its remote location and the fact that it is not connected to the electricity- or water network. In order to take this fortress into use, an a new and autarkic form of power supply is necessary.

Recently, BMO, a company which specializes in the provision of sustainable energy solutions, has proposed to install solar panels on the fortress’ roof, to allow for a beer brewery to be placed here. Before accepting this proposal, Stadsherstel (the owner of the fortress) wishes to test whether these solar panels would not affect the overall appeal of the fortress. Defacto has been asked to perform a design research that explores the visual impact of the number and placing of solar panels on the fortress.

Together with BMO, Defacto has investigated how the fortress could become self-sufficient using solar panels, without harming its characteristics. The research aimed to establish a balance between the technical possibilities and the energy yield of the panels on the one hand, and the spatial integration of the panels on the other. Eventually, we have designed a new type of attachment brace with which the panels can be placed without obstructing the view from the surrounding areas. The visualisations for the plan were used to discuss various alternatives for the development of the project publicly.