• water as leverage

    Defacto has been selected for the Water as Leverage Khulna case (Bangladesh) with our consortium CDR,  Nelen en Schuurmans, DevConsultant, Khulna University, RoyalHaskoningDHV and WUR.

  • NUS symposium - Designing resilience in Asia

    Anne Loes Nillesen keynote speaker at the ‘Designing Resilience in Asia Symposium’, August 14th-17th Singapore

  • workshop Scheveningen harbour

    Workshops on flood risk, Scheveningen harbour.

  • Kinderdijk count

    Visitor count at the UNESCO World heritage site - Kinderdijk.

  • Social housing lecture

    Lecture on the importance of social housing from the perspective of cultural history.

  • Texas students workshop kinderdijk

    Workshop - TU Delft and Texas A&M University on flood proofing Kinderdijk.

Architecture & Urbanism

Defacto is an interdisciplinary design studio. We offer a variety of services from strategic planning to architecture, urban and landscape design, at scales that reach from building interiors to urban environments. Our speciality is the ability to combine a multitude of technical and spatial aspects in a unified, coherent plan.

Latest projects.

Defacto Architecture & Urbanism
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